Teardrop This stylish hat features a 4-1/2" tear-shaped crown with a front center pinch, and a 3-1/2" brim.

Shown in Mist with optional leather band.


Dakota Our wheeling and dealing Dakota comes standard with a 4" crown height and 3-1/4" brim.

Shown in Tan with matching 3-ply ribbon.


Cattleman Our sophisticated Cattleman is highlighted by a 4-1/2" center crease crown with full side dents, and standard 3-3/4" brim.

This Cattleman is shown in a Black Silk finish with an optional 4" brim, and a Silver Buckle and Tiff upgrade.


Rancher The Rancher is highlighted by a 4-3/4" center crease crown with long side dents, and a 3-3/4" brim.

Shown in Bone with standard brim shape and optional leather band.


Quarterhorse Our Quarterhorse sports a 4-3/4" center crease crown with slightly forward side dents, and a 4" brim.

Shown in Mist with an optional slight edged roll brim and optional decorator band.

Low Rider

Low Rider The popular Low Rider has a standard 4-1/4" center crease with long side dents, and a 4" brim.

Shown in Brown with matching 3-ply ribbon and an optional slight front edge roll.

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Authentic Western Headwear From
the World's Leading Hat Manufacturer

Nothing captures the independent spirit of the American West quite like the authentic Western hat...a timeless statement of style, function and durability. Which is why Stratton&emdash;world renowned for uniform headwear&emdash;has now turned its legendary expertise to the creation of the perfect Western hat of 100% fur felt.

Using our 65 years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship, Stratton mixes the finest of furs to produce hats in a variety of classic Western styles. To meet a wide range of budgets, we offer our Western hats in three Quality Grades: 10x, a fine blend of genuine wild furs; 20x, a fine beaver blend; and 30x, a pure beaver blend.

Stratton's primary focus is on making the best possible hats. This results in hats that fade less, wear longer and even renovate with ease.

This web site shows only a few of our most popular styles. Additional standard hat styles include the Gambler, the Traveler, and the Bolero. And if you're looking for the ultimate in a Western hat, ask about our Custom Style capability.

Once you experience the unparalleled quality of a Stratton Hat, your hardest decision will be what color and styles to choose!