Accessories are not included with hats and must be ordered separately.

Accessory orders will be sent via United Parcel Post and charged accordingly and will not be subject to the $8.00 minimum shipping cost.

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3-Piece Leather Strap
Available in black, brown, and black patent leather. Center strap 1/2" wide. Ends are 3/8" wide with snap-type swivel and closure.

Black or Brown - $8.60
Black Patent - $10.30


1-Piece Leather Strap
Available in black, brown, and black patent. 3/8" wide and 29" long. All leather straps are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Black or Brown - $6.45
Black Patent - $8.20


In stock and available for immediate delivery - Gold or Silver. Combination colors:
- Gold & Black with Black Acorns
- Gold & Black with Gold Acorns
- Silver & Black with Black Acorns
- Silver & Black with Silver Acorns

Other colors and materials available on special order.

Gold or Silver - $8.85
Combonation Colors - $11.75



Hat Protector
Available in campaign-style (F-40 or 44) and sheriff-style (F-36-38-42), clear or smoke colors. State hat style and head size.

Price - $8.10


Hat Trap
A must for campaign-style hat wearers. Protects hat from sun and abuse when not in use. Also retains the flat shape of brim. Lightweight but durable, the Hat Trap with handle makes transporting the hat from work, car, or home effortless.

Price - $85.80


Brim Press
Economy flat brim press made of wood.




Price - $21.40


Custom Department

Drill Teams, Marching Groups, Drum and Bugle Corps, Rifle Squads, etc.

Stratton custom headwear is available in an infinite variety of styles and colors. Submit a sample or photograph, and we will quote prices and send samples at nominal cost. Our custom department has years of experience in fulfilling unique or exceptional styles. Some custom styles made in the past are: Drill Instructors, Quakers, Pilgrim, Aussie, Bush, Hillbilly, and many others.


Fur Cap

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Fur Caps
Sizes 6-1/2 to 7-7/8. Fur: genuine Mouton No. 1 Processed Lamb. Lined and insulated with DuPont Dacron and waterproof acetate quilted lining. Shell of genuine Uniroyal Doelon, which is wind resistant and weatherproofed. Wipes clean with soap and water. Strap with snap fasteners.

Caps are also available in an economical synthetic fur.

With Genuine Mouton Lamb - $56.80
With Synthetic Fur - $38.60