Stratton Hats Buyer’s Guide

Colors available: Felt Hats

Colors available: Straw Hats

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Standard Specifications on Uniform Hats


Stratton Hats Hat Terminology
Badge holes are standard on all hats except Border Patrol (F-44) and National Park Service (S-44) hats.
Vents are standard on all hats except for F-42A, and S42A.

It is very important to determine if badge holes are needed before ordering. Incorrect orders that have to be sent back are subject to shipping, replacement and/or restocking fees. Returns of large orders with badge holes will not be accepted.

Custom badge holes can be made, however these orders are non-returnable.


Felt and straw Hats

Brim Length: 3″
Brim Eyelets: one on each side of the brim, centered

  • 40’s – A single eyelet on each side of the crown (except the front of the hat) centered under the crown’s crease.
  • Felt 42’s – A Diamond shape with 5 holes total.
  • Straw 42’s – No vents.
  • Felt 44’s – A Pyramid/triangle  shape with 3 holes total.
  • Felt 38’s –  2 Vent holes side by side.

Badge Eyelet:

  • 38’s, 40’s, 42’s –A single eyelet 2 ¼” above the brim, centered.
  • 44’s – None.

If variations are desired from the above standard specifications, they must be noted on your orders.


Custom Sizing

To ensure an optimum fit, Stratton Hats offers custom-sized headwear to individual needs. Stratton has the broadest range of sizes and shapes offered by any uniform hat manufacturer today. In addition to the Regulars from 6-1/2 to 8, we offer Long Oval, Extra Long Oval, and Wide Oval in most sizes. Size rings are available for measurement, or manual measurement instructions can be found under the SIZES section.


Custom Renovation

Renovation is for felt hats only. Straw hats cannot be renovated.

Many of our customers add years of usage to their hats by having them reconditioned, which costs about one-third the price of replacement.
Hats returned for renovation are first washed in top grade dry cleaning solution to assure cleanliness. Next, the crown and brim are reshaped on original molds. Finally, they are given a new sweatband, ribbon, and container. Stratton Hats is the only uniform headwear manufacturer providing this service, and is only offered for hats made by Stratton Hats.



Hats can be made from size 6 ½ to size 8 (Custom sizes may be available upon request).

The best way to determine what head size and head shape a person has is to purchase a set of Size Rings, or find a local outfitter who owns a set. Size rings can determine not only your head size, but the shape as well (Regular Oval, Long Oval, Extra Long Oval, Wide Oval). Size rings can be purchased through the website. Size rings can be returned within 45 days for a full refund less shipping costs to and from.

A slightly less accurate way to determine your hat size is to use a measurement conversion chart. A size-to-inch conversion chart can be found below. Measurements should be taken from one inch above the eyebrow around the head.

You can also determine your head shape by measuring your head in two places. Starting at 1” above the eyebrow measure across the top of your head until you reach the same height on the back of your head, then starting at 1” above where the ear meets the head measure across the top of your head to 1″ above your ear on the opposite side.

  • If the measurement front to back is 1 3/8” or less than the measurement from side to side it would indicate a wide oval.
  • If the measurement front to back is 1 3/8” to 1 5/8” longer than wide it would indicate a regular oval.
  • If the measurement is 1 5/8” to 1 7/8” longer than wide it would indicate a long oval. (this is the most common head shape)
  • If the measurement is 1 7/8” to 2 1/8” longer than wide it would indicate an extra long oval.
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