F-40 Campaign Style

Felt Campaign/MP is a traditional four dent style. Pressured dye is used and capable of withstanding 100 hours of Fade-O-Meter testing. The double thick and extra stiff flat brim comes in 3" width. Single vent eyelet located on sides and back.

Shown in Conservation Green/Olive Drab.

F-42 Sheriff Style

Felt Sheriff Style is an extremely popular stock weight uniform hat. Pre-blocked center crease crown and a 3" brim with a regular side-curl. Five air vents on each side of crown. Available lined at additional cost.

Shown in Chocolate Brown.

F-42A: Same as F-42, without vent holes.

F-38 Trooper/Rider Style

Fur Felt Trooper/Rider Style is pre-blocked with center crease and side dents. Plump 3" brim with slight side-curl. Two vent eyelets on each side of crown. Flare bow and lining available at additional cost.

Shown in Navy Blue.

F-36AWL Western Style

Western Style is a 10X Quality fur felt. Pre-blocked with western style cattleman crown and 3-1/2" dipped brim. The hat is trimmed with matching 3/8" three-ply ribbon and is satin lined.

Shown in Silver Belly.

F-44 Border Patrol

Border PatrolWinter dress hat. Same fine quality as our F-40. No eyelets or ribbon. Brim 3-1/8" wide. Also available in straw, model S-44DB.

Available in custom Border Green only.

F-44 National Park Service

National Park Service Winter dress hat. Same fine quality as our F-40. Top dents smaller. Brim 3-1/8" wide. Three pyramid stacked vent eyelets on each side of crown. No ribbon or brim and badge eyelet holes. Brim eyelets standard.

Available in tan only.

All felt hats have a genuine leather sweatband and are made of the finest imported fur felt available. See Specifications page for available colors.


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