Standard Specifications on Felt Hats

If variations are desired from the below standard specifications, they must be noted on your orders.

  • A foam sweatband.
  • Brim: 3″ (Narrower Brim available in lots of one dozen or more).
  • Brim Eyelets: one on each side of brim, centered.
  • Badge Eyelets: one, 2¼” above the brim.

Custom Sizing

To ensure an optimum fit, Stratton offers custom-sized headwear to individual needs. Stratton has the broadest range of sizes and shapes offered by any uniform hat manufacturer today. In addition to the Regulars from 6-1/2 to 7-7/8, we offer Long Oval, Extra Long Oval, and Wide Oval in most sizes. Size rings available for measurement.

Felt hat sizes


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