Standard Specifications on Straw Hats

If variations are desired from the below standard specifications, they must be noted on your orders.

  • Brim: 3″
  • Brim Eyelets: one on each side of brim, centered. Available without brim eyelets in lots of one dozen or more.
  • Badge Eyelets: one, 2¼” above brim
  • Single brim S-40’s come with a slight upward curl to the brim.
  • All styles available in our premium grade Double Brim. Two completely separate brims sewn together to give the strongest brim available. Will hold their shape under the severest handling conditions.

Custom Sizing

To ensure an optimum fit, Stratton Hats offers custom-sized head wear on our straw hats to meet individual needs. Stratton has the broadest range of sizes and shapes offered by any uniform hat manufacturer today. In addition to the Regulars from 6-1/2 to 7-7/8, we offer Long Oval, Extra Long Oval, and Wide Oval in most sizes. Size rings available for measurement.

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